Our goal: To be the best.

What Does It Take To Be The Best Bed and Breakfast in Virginia?

Our goal is to be the best bed and breakfast in Virginia. So we ask ourselves, what does it take? Our belief is that the key ingredient is sincere relationships, and that starts with a welcoming connection. 

In this go go world, it is not often that anyone can find a place where you feel personally cared for. Just as an example, here I sit in your typical Starbucks, working on this blog entry (caffeine helps the creative process!). Everyone is very pleasant and friendly, the cashiers are smiling, other customers quietly typing away on their laptops or chatting with friends. Pleasant... but something is missing. Even in this cozy comfortable space, designed for socializing, we are all isolating ourselves, on screens, on phones, even everyone behind the counter is wearing a headset, tuned into technology. It is a sign of the times.

What's missing is that genuine experience of connection, person to person. But where to escape to something more personal?


At The Inn at Sugar Hollow Farm, we strive to offer that connection. One of our favorite aspects of this business is learning about our guests, who have so many interesting lives and stories! From our optimistic newlyweds, so in love, just starting out in life, to our retirees who have tales to tell going back decades it is a great source of enjoyment for us, and to be honest, a little addicting! It is you who have kept us going all of these years. We have had some guests return season after season and year after year, and it has been such a joy to be a part of their lives.

What Really Matters

Over these years, we have always been on the lookout for a ways to reach out to new potential guests and grow our business. We have had some help along the way.  Our local area emerged as nationally recognized wine region, and of course the mainstay attractions of Monticello, the Shenandoah National Park, and the University of Virginia are flourishing. Charlottesville is an amazing town, with a burgeoning music scene, amazing restaurants, and now it seems a new craft brewery is popping up every year. The mountain views, the natural surroundings, and wildlife, all have continues to add to the experience. In addition to all of that, we know we can offer all kinds of specials, packages, and seasonal discounts or we can jump into the daily deal social coupon space to get attention. It is all well and good, but we also know that no matter how our guests find out about us, or for whatever reason you choose to stay with us, the only thing that really drives our business is how happy you are with your own personal experience during your stay. Did you have your needs met, did we exceed your expectations? Was your stay with us everything and more than you hoped for? Did you feel at home and welcome? These are the only criteria that truly matter. As a bed and breakfast we can offer that personal service, and we always strive to do so.

A lot goes into making that happen, from offering clean and fresh accommodations, to a hot delicious breakfast, and offering advice and guidance to help you make the most of your visit to our area, but those things are just a result of something more fundamental, that we truly care about you and know that you are trusting us to take care of you.

More Than a House

Although we built the inn as a bed and breakfast from the beginning, we also live here and it is our home. When you come to stay with us, we are hoping you feel that you are being invited into not just a house, but home away from home as well. A bed and breakfast stay should be personal, a break from the everyday hustle and bustle that leaves you feeling empty.

We have some guests who's idea of a getaway is to truly to getaway, from everybody! That's OK with us, we aren't offended. Almost inevitably even our isolationists come around on some level, once they learn that we don't bite. We aim to meet you where you are, and we are flexible enough to be there for you, with just the right amount of attention to make your stay with us the best it can be.

Staying True To Ourselves

In the end we aim to be real and be genuine. I believe our guests recognize that in us. To do that we must stay true to ourselves. We have many new ideas about which direction to take this bed and breakfast in the future, and we have seen a lot of trends come and go, but we know our best chance of success in the long run is to focus on what we do best and do what is right for us and do right by our guests. We treat our guests as we would want to be treated, with a little extra dash of empathy for those who are trying to leave their worries behind for a few days so they can renew themselves 

So these are the key factors to being the best bed and breakfast we can be and hopefully the best bed and breakfast in Virginia... in being true to ourselves, offering a welcoming home, and in developing sincere friendships with our guests that will last for years to come. If that sounds like the kind of place you want to be, come join us this year. We are looking forward to it!

Author: Tim Cabell