Fireplace - Real Wood or Eco-Friendly Firelog?

The Wildflower Room, Country Manor Room, Woodland Room, and Hunt Country Room have real wood burning fireplaces. Here are some options and related policies regarding using your fireplace.

Real Wood

If you would like real wood burning fire in your fireplace, your innkeeper will be glad to add all of the paper, kindling, and split logs you will need to have a romantic warm fire every evening. For safety, you innkeepers will ignite your fire for you and ensure it is going to burn properly. You will be required to be present and monitor your fire at all times. Please arrange to have your fire started before 9pm!

Eco-Friendly Firelogs

For those who would love the ambiance of a real fire, but want to reduce carbon emissions (up to 80%), need to start a fire after 9pm, or don't want their room warmed up too much, we will provide a eco-friendly fire log which you can easily light yourself at your convenience. Cozy feeling, less fuss, less mess, and better for our planet!

No Fire At All

If real flames in your bedroom just isn't your thing, no problem!