Our guests can also attest to the excellent dining experience at Three Notch'd Grill with it's upscale casual atmosphere, or Fardowner's Pub in nearby Crozet, known for a high quality selection of craft beer on tap, great food, and free live music shows. Also be sure to check out Restoration overlooking Old Trail Golf Course, and new comer Public Fish & Oyster also in Old Trail. For a small town , Crozet is home to a suprising number of great restaruant options!

In Charlottesville, the world of food is yours! We cannot possibly list them all, but we regularly recommend Mas, Bizou, Zocalo, The Old Mill Room, Hamilton's, The Downtown Grille, The Whiskey Jar, Citizen Burger, Revolution Soup, Boar's Head, The Local, C&O, Tavola, The Alley Light, Blue Light Grill, Oakhart Social, La Taza, Lamp, The Red Pump.... well you get the idea.