Hiking in the Charlottesville Area: Part Two - Crabtree Falls


In part two of our series on hiking in the Charlottesville area, we are taking a look at the vertical beauty of the Crabtree Falls hike.  

Crabtree Falls are arguably the tallest set of falls east of the Mississippi and a must see for avid hikers and anyone who is willing to walk up a significant series of stair steps!

The trail starts out paved from the parking lot before escalating quickly between sets of well maintained stairs and switchbacks that take you ever higher next the the falls. Last year my short legged basset hound managed to get a third of the way up the falls so this is a completely doable hike if you legs are little longer than hers!


Step onto overlooks and lean a little over the rails along the falls for the best views and photograph opportunities as you climb. About half way to the top you will pass through a cave like rock formation. Then the peak is marked as 1.1 miles from the parking area. From the top, there are some great views of the valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains from the overlook up there.

Please be careful on this hike and stay on the designated trail behind the rails and walls for your protection. There have been numerous deaths attributed to hikers taking too many risks on the wrong side of the rails!

To get Crabtree Falls from The Inn at Sugar Hollow Farm, follow 250 West then head South on 151 then turn West on 56. On the way back, make a plan to stop at one the brewery restaurants you'll pass along the way, Devil's Backbone, Wild Wolf Brewery, or Blue Mountain Brewery.

Author: Tim Cabell